Directions & Route Maps


Each year, we work closely with the Missouri Department of Transportation and our local officials to ensure the routes are clear after any stress from winter or spring weather.

2022 Maps (please use these as a reference for likely 2023 routes)

Please download the PDFs below or see the routes on:


Ride With GPS:

If you total our 13 years times -- 33 miles for each year -- we have ridden in Mississippi County at total of 429 miles. There must be some magic in that old blacktop road(s) that keep bringing us back. Folks, this is the creme de la creme of all rides. These organizers know how to run a ride.

   --- Larry McGuire

The rest stop and road marking were clear. Every person who was helping at the stops registration tables, etc. were some of the best mannered people. So to sum this AWESOME JOB.

   --- Brad Davis
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