2020 Virtual Ride

Join us for a Virtual Tour de Corn 2020
No question, we’re all in an unprecedented time. And as much as we love seeing our Tour de Corn family each June, we simply cannot execute a ride of our size across so many communities and with so many volunteers in the safe and efficient manner you expect from our organization. 

But we believe the spirit of Tour de Corn is MUCH more than one Saturday each year -- so we want to call on you, our riders, to help keep that feeling alive this year!  That’s why we’re offering a Virtual Tour de Corn for 2020!

So what exactly IS a virtual ride anyway?

Well, that’s somewhat up to you!  On our 2020 Virtual Tour de Corn, you can “ride” on your own time and via your own method through June 27.  You may complete it out in the fresh air or on an indoor trainer.  With friends and family (safely social distancing, of course) or on your own.  Just as long as you’re riding and having Tour de Corn fun along the way.

We’ll kick things off on June 1, when all Virtual Ride-registered Corn’ers can track their weekly virtual "mileage" by each Sunday evening in June.  (You may join any time throughout the month of June!)  By simply taking a photo of your preferred tracking system (Strava, MapMyRide, etc.) you can upload your mileage (and a fun photo or two) via the form below. Information must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CT on the immediate Sunday of the week's mileage was logged (so for the week of June 1-7, you must upload by Sunday, June 7 at 11:59 p.m.).  Then on June 27, we’ll all “ride” together (even if not in East Prairie) and share our own Tour de Corn spirit wherever you are!

Why should I participate?

  1. Every “finisher” will get a 2020 Tour de Corn medal
    Everyone who completes the Virtual Tour de Corn will be mailed a finisher medal (our new tradition started last year!) and packets of Chamois Butt’r in July.  If you choose to purchase a 2020 Tour de Corn t-shirt or other merchandise (available via www.epsweetcorn.com), this will also be mailed to you during that time.

  2. Win a new Tour de Corn Jersey along the way
    - You can win a chance at an official Primal jersey with our brand-new Tour de Corn design! All registered "finishers" will be entered into a random drawing that will take place on Facebook Live in July.  (And don't worry -- we'll give everyone a chance to buy a new jersey soon...stay tuned!)

    - We're also hosting a "CORN-intine 2020" Photo contest for those who are out riding (safely and distanced, please!) in our Virtual Tour de Corn Ride.  As you submit your photos each week, our team will choose several from those submitted and then in July will post them for fans to choose a winner!  

  3. Help keep the spirit and giving of Tour de Corn alive in 2020!
    Thanks to the generosity of our riders and sponsors, Tour de Corn is able to give thousands of dollars each year to local/national charities and scholarships on your behalf.  By participating in our Virtual Tour de Corn Ride, you’ll allow us to continue this tradition -- which is arguably needed now more than ever!

How do I join on the Virtual Tour de Corn Ride?

  • If you’re already registered for 2020 Tour de Corn
    Simply alert our Registration Lead, Casidy (registration@tourdecorn.com), that you would like to transfer your current registration to our Virtual Tour de Corn Ride and she will take care of that move. You’ll receive an email with details on how to submit your weekly time and weekly reminders/updates throughout June.
    - If you’re currently registered for the traditional 15-/30-Mile: your registration will transfer seamlessly.
    - If you’re currently registered for the traditional 65-/100-Mile: Casidy will work with you to refund the difference of the registration.

  • If you’re not yet registered for our Virtual 2020 Tour de Corn
    Simply CLICK HERE to sign up on Active.com any time before June 27 and join in the fun!

  • Not interested in the Virtual 2020 Tour de Corn?
    You may prefer to either get a full refund or roll over your registration to our 2021 ride. We 100% completely understand. We’ll miss you this year and sincerely hope you’ll join us again in 2021.  If you signed up via Active, you should be able to cancel the registration within the Tour de Corn registration page on the Active portal. However, if you have ANY difficulty with this process, please let Casidy (registration@tourdecorn.com) know and she’ll work directly with you to resolve the issue.  We appreciate your patience -- we’re a bit new to this ourselves, but want to make it as simple and expedient as possible.  

Please note: Any 2020 registrations which are not refunded or rolled over to the Virtual Ride or 2021 ride by July 1, 2020, will be considered a donation to the Tour de Corn.  Any merchandise purchased prior to June 1 will be fulfilled as is unless we are otherwise notified.


Are you registered for the Virtual Tour de Corn?  
Report your "ride" mileage here...

If you have registered for the ride, then simply 

  • Week of June 1-7 = Mileage/update must be submitted by Sunday, June 7 at 11:59 p.m. CT
  • Week of June 8-14 =  Mileage/update must be submitted by Sunday, June 14 at 11:59 p.m. CT
  • Week of June 15-21 = Mileage/update must be submitted by Sunday, June 21 at 11:59 p.m. CT
  • Week of June 22-28 = Mileage/update must be submitted by Saturday, June 27 at 11:59 p.m. CT

The rest stop and road marking were clear. Every person who was helping at the stops registration tables, etc. were some of the best mannered people. So to sum this AWESOME JOB.

   --- Brad Davis

Had a blast. My first year. Did the 65. Was a beautiful day, a great route, well supported by so many friendly people. Will definitely be back next year.

   --- Neil Carr
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