Tour de Corn Postponed to June 26, 2021

Well, shucks, folks.

In the past weeks, we’ve really, really tried.  We’ve prayed. We’ve gotten frustrated. We’ve even shed a few tears.  

And working with our great friends at the City of East Prairie, the EP Chamber of Commerce and local health officials, we have delayed this decision as long as possible — hopeful that curves would flatten even more, health care and essential workers could get a break, and (most importantly) people, businesses, and our 

world could heal quickly and get back to “normal”.  But we are at a critical time when our far-away travelers and partners need to make or break plans.

We know our hundreds of volunteers and support team — whom we believe are the friendliest and most hospitable folks around — will be fewer this year due to many being in higher-risk groups. So we recognize that we can no longer responsibly nor safely execute a major cycling event during this situation; one that could logistically adhere to social distancing guidelines and that wouldn’t potentially put hundreds of volunteers and 1000+ riders at an increased risk .

If you’re already registered, Casidy from registration@tourdecorn.com will be reaching out to you in the coming week to offer you a full refund on your registration/merchandise or an opportunity to roll it over to the 2021 ride.

So we’re sad, but we’re going to choose instead to think of each of you riding out this storm with us.  We absolutely love welcoming visitors from across the U.S. (and even abroad) to our little part of the world. We love sharing stories about our families, swapping riding tips and energy bar recipes, and laughing about how that headwind on the Century nearly did us in.  But we most love being reminded each year that if you’re coming from New Jersey or New Mexico or just down the road in New Madrid, we’re all pretty similar and we’re connected in this Tour de Corn family regardless of where we park our bikes that evening.

So we’ll take a break this year.  We’ll send you pics from the corn fields. We’ll regroup, and we’ll heal.  And we’ll be back in 2021 stronger than ever.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for additional ways to be part of Tour de Corn this year and stay corn-nected.  Be well, friends!

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Tour de Corn 2021
June 26, 2021, at 7:30 a.m.

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19th Annual Tour de Corn

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If you total our 13 years times -- 33 miles for each year -- we have ridden in Mississippi County at total of 429 miles. There must be some magic in that old blacktop road(s) that keep bringing us back. Folks, this is the creme de la creme of all rides. These organizers know how to run a ride.

   --- Larry McGuire

We can't thank everyone who worked the Tour De Corn enough. Your patience, hospitality, and understanding were overwhelming. Thank you so, so much!

   --- Steve Steamboat O’Connor
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