• Is this a race? Is there an end time for the event?

    'Round here, we like to take things at our own pace...we think you should, too! So go at the pace that is comfortable for you -- fast or slow -- we just want you safe, healthy and having TONS OF FUN! Volunteers will remain at our Rest Stops until 2 p.m. (or if the last person is through that course before then). If you are on the century and need to take longer than 2 p.m., we'll be sure to leave waters and food out at the final rest stop to help you get back home! The ending point (the air-conditioned East Prairie Family Life Center) will remain unlocked throughout the evening as well.

  • Is this ride fully supported?

    Absolutely! Our SAG team hits the course early in the morning before YOU do! And the team covers all four routes throughout the day. On the day of the ride, we'll provide you with the phone numbers of your designated SAG team -- exclusively to cover your route. But chances are you'll get used to seeing them pass by regularly during your day!

  • What time does the ride start for my route? Do you stagger the start of the ride?

    We hear every year that one of the best parts of the Tour de Corn is the fun the host of corn'ers that take off at the beginning at 7:30 a.m. We have music, we have cheerleaders, we have a singing Mayor. So you don't want to miss the fun of the grand takeoff. However, we continue to line up so our faster-minded Century riders will get to the front of the line and lead us out with the 60-, 30- and 15-milers following accordingly.

  • I'm not riding in the Tour de Corn, but where can I meet my rider afterwards?

    Reunite with your rider at the Family Life Center (where the ride starts). We have indoor bathrooms and showers available if needed. Plus, you are welcome to purchase an additional spaghetti dinner on site (hosted by the First Church of God Youth Group in the Family Life Center Building).

The rest stop and road marking were clear. Every person who was helping at the stops registration tables, etc. were some of the best mannered people. So to sum this AWESOME JOB.

   --- Brad Davis

Had a blast. My first year. Did the 65. Was a beautiful day, a great route, well supported by so many friendly people. Will definitely be back next year.

   --- Neil Carr
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