Sweet Corn Festival & Other Weekend Events

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When you come to the Tour de Corn, the ride is only part of the fun!  Each year, East Prairie and surrounding communities are thrilled to roll out a warm welcome to Tour de Corn riders.  

On Friday night before the event, riders and families can enjoy the annual Main Street Party (hosted by EP's own Downtown Revitalization Committee) -- complete with tasty treats such as crawfish & BBQ, homemade crafts and goods, family events, entertainment and all the hospitality you can handle!  Or, you can even get warmed up for the TdC ride with the annual Husker 5K run that same Friday evening.

And be sure to stick around after the ride as the East Prairie Chamber of Commerce hosts a variety of fun Sweet Corn Festival events.

Make it a weekend and check out all East Prairie has to offer for your visit by visitng our sister website at www.epsweetcorn.com

What People Say:
Thanks for the great ride yesterday! My 7 year old little girl finished her first ever 30 mile ride! She loved it! I will post my article here when I finish writing it! Good reviews all around, even for the chicken we almost ran over!
-- Becky Rhodes Englehart --

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